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Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Maria Kent is a highly versatile performer who comes from a classically trained background. Beginning her journey into the world of dance at a very young age she performed with numerous ballet companies throughout the Sunshine state. Feeling the need to grow as a performer, Maria couldn't resist the urge of the Big Apple and moved there in 1999.


After testing the waters and struggling through the daily audition grind, she nailed an audition to be a Las Vegas Showgirl and immediately moved to Las Vegas to perform in Donn Arden's Jubilee, fulfilling a lifelong dream! Having crossed that goal off her bucket list, she ended up in Osaka, Japan a year later, this time performing as a living statue while also training Japanese students for rhythmic gymnastic competitions. 


Once again the lure of New York City was too hard to resist and armed with the new skill  of stilt walking and having the prestigious status of a former Las Vegas Showgirl, Maria hit on the idea of merging the two together! Back once again in the Big Apple Maria's newest endeavors provide choreography for celebrity events as well as performing such acts as stilt walking, showgirl, celebrity impersonator, living statue, as well as ambient poi and hula hoop performances. Her newest character in the works is Bubblina who she expects to be a huge hit with kids!


Maria is also known for her one of a kind costume designs and makeup styles. Maria is constantly creating bigger and bolder costumes and remains on the cutting edge with her variety of creative inspiring makeup looks for herself, as well as various entertainers and models throughout the NYC area!


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